Why We Are Writing This Blog

By: Joe Braue and Kristin Kovacich –

Marketers in vertical industries should be the rock stars of their companies. They have more opportunities and tools than ever before to make their products and companies successful. If only there was a way they could share their vertical industry knowhow.

That’s where we hope the NewBay Plus Blog can help. We are a group of media and marketing professionals at NewBay Media with years of experience in B2B and B2C markets. We’ll be sharing marketing best practices especially in the five verticals where NewBay has leading media platforms: Ed Tech, Broadcasting & Cable, AV Professional, Music, and Consumer Electronics Retailing.


Two of us will be writing in this space. Joe Braue has been in B2B Media for more than 25 years as an editor and publisher at McGraw-Hill and UBM Technology, marketing services leader at CMP, and he currently heads up NewBay Plus, NewBay’s marketing services arm. You’ll also see Kristin Kovacich, who previously was at Digiday Studios and is now creating integrated marketing programs at NewBay Plus.

So when you start a blog, you need a statement of principles, your core beliefs that you want to share, like Orson Welles starting up the fictional New York Inquirer in the movie Citizen Kane.

First, we believe vertical industry marketers should be rockstars, using all the levers of the web, print, events, and special services to successfully to drive awareness of their products and demand for their sales teams. Toward that end, we want to share what we know, what our editors and publishers are finding out about these markets at NewBay, and most importantly write about marketing ideas that succeed compiled from our conversations with you and your peers.

Secondly, we’re humble here at NewBay. We don’t have all the answers. So we’ll be presenting interesting, innovative ideas from every place we can find it, even if it comes from competitors.

To find out more information, see our NewBay Plus website where you can find resources for vertical industry content marketing, marketing automation, PR, advertising, integrated marketing and the like. If you have executed a successful program, let us know about it so we can share. And if you have a lesson learned, please talk to us or share your thoughts below. We can be reached at jbraue@nbmedia.com and kkovacich@nbmedia.com.

– Joe and Kristin