Top Tips for Writing an AV or AV/IT White Paper

By Hope Braue —

Ok, so you’re setting out to write a white paper centered on AV/IT.

You can easily Google “How to Write a Successful White Paper” and get hundreds, even thousands, of hits. However, if you’re trying to focus it on the AV industry, these tips begin to look a lot more generic.

That’s where David Keene, executive editor for NewBay Media’s AV Integrators/Digital Signage group, comes in. David has been in the AV industry for more than 20 years in editorial and marketing services capacity, and serves as the top strategist for NewBay Plus’s AV marketing services practice.

David’s best piece of advice for writing an AV white paper:

Decide whether you want to address the challenges faced by the end user, the AV Integrator/design consultant, or both.

 The AV Integrator Focus: AV integrators and AV design consultants largely make up the pro AV market. They’re the ones integrating it for the end user. If the issues involve products that the end user doesn’t explicitly interact with such as solutions for routing, switching, control, or gear mounting ecosystems , then make sure your focus is on the AV integrator or design consultant.

The Multiple Stakeholder Focus: On the other hand, if the technology is directly interfaced by end users, such as displays, projectors, electronic white boards, touch panel control systems, room management systems, interactive technology, conferencing systems, etc., your paper should address concerns of all the chief stakeholders, namely end users, AV integrators, and design consultants.

The multiple stakeholder focus is driven by two developments:

  • End users are very sophisticated, have access online to a large amount of product and solution literature and case studies from vendors, and are actively looking for both technical and business case guidance on their path to choosing solutions. So end users no longer rely solely on the advice of AV integrators or consultants when choosing a solution– it’s now a more collaborative process.
  • AV integrators and design consultants today must understand the end users’ perspective, as the industry has moved away from a hardware and commodity mentality where integrators just install a system and move on to the next customer. Today’s integrators and consultants are really partners with the end user involved with ongoing TOC, maintenance, and other issues in the end users’ facilities.

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