The Multi-Touch Marketing Program: Here’s How RSG Media Did It

By: Joe Braue – Last September Matt Klepac and the marketing team at RSG Media faced a challenge that will be familiar to many vertical industry B2B marketers: We got a hot product, a hot potential market, but not enough people know who we are.

RSG Media’s solution: an integrated, multichannel marketing program that defined the growing rights management marketplace in the media and entertainment marketplace (RSG Media’s major focus: media companies were “leaving up $50 billion on the table” by not properly managing the distribution rights for their content).

This multi-touch approach used NewBay’s Broadcasting & Cable and Multichannel News brands with my team at NewBay Plus marketing services creating a program that ran for four months and included:

  • 4 custom magazine reports to drive reach and impact, especially with hard to connect with M&E senior executives;
  • 3 online outreach strategies including posting the content online, creating a “Rights Management Channel” with custom and curated content; and a “Rights Management Newsletter” distributed to B&C and MCN subscribers.
  • Live person-to-person contact with prospects via a sponsorship of MCN’s Advanced Advertising Summit.
  • Lead generation from a Rights Management eBook and a companion webinar.

Why use multiple channels? “We want to market across platforms so that we can generate thought leadership for those that need it, build awareness of the solutions that we provide helping the market make more money and reduce risk. Plus, we could build morale internally by showcasing the fabulous work that our teams do every day,” Klepac said.

So how did it work?

On the role of magazine custom content:  “Some of our team members associated print articles with ads,” said Klepac, vice president, marketing, at RSG. But we felt if we could give people quality content that started a conversation, M&E executives would enjoy and read it. People don’t like to be marketed to, but they crave thought leaderships.”

Our NewBay Plus team recruited Dennis Kneale, the former CNBC and Fox Business host and Wall Street Journal reporter to write and byline four custom reports in B&C and MCN to demystify and explain media rights management. Kneale wrote in the first person and was clear in these reports that the content was sponsored by RSG Media. The reports were slugged “advertising.”

The results: “By publishing third-party generated content in the B&C and MCN publications we helped generate more booth activity at trade shows,” Klepac said.  “We actually had executives walk up to our booth, magazine article in hand to talk about the solutions and thought leadership provided. The email marketing helped to generate more traffic to our online properties.  Lead-gen was ok, but that was not our main focus.  In addition, we boosted internal morale by shining a light on the work of our engineering and products teams.”

The key, Klepac said, is to reach decision makers through multiple channels with different information formats to connect with them.

“I like to take a holistic look at marketing,” he said. “This result is an integrated marketing approach that unifies and seamlessly connects the buyer with the brand. Consistency is key in ensuring that the buyer understands your message, thus leading to a return on your investment. Integrated marketing helps by optimizing marketing spend (both digitally and off line), allotting the right dollar amount towards the most effective approach.”

Did the program move the sales needle? Klepac said the actual numbers are confidential. But he did say that sales leads are up substantially, as is traffic to the RSG site and its social following.

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