No More Random Acts of Content

By: Kristin Kovacich –

Today’s B2B marketers are realizing the importance of content marketing (over 25% of marketing budgets are dedicated to content efforts) but many vendors are bypassing some key considerations. CMO Council’s Content ROI Center recently surveyed more than 400 B2B customers in order to identify the impact of content marketing on customer thinking and buying decisions. The results of Better Yield in the Content Marketing Field showed what customers want (and don’t want) out of content, where they go to get it and what this means for marketers.

A few key take ways:

  • The characteristics most valued by survey respondents are breadth and depth of information (47% of respondents), ease of access, understanding and readability (44% of respondents), and originality of thinking and ideas (39%).
  • 50% of survey respondents valued and trusted white papers from industry organizations while only 9% valued and trusted white papers from vendors.
  • The characteristics most disliked in B2B content are too many requirements for download (50% of respondents), blatantly promotional or self-serving (43%)  and non-substantive and uninformed (34%).
  • 87% of respondents say that online content has a major to moderate influence when selecting a vendor.
  • 41% use smartphones to access B2B content and 34% use tablets.

Content has a huge impact on customer buying decisions and in order to put their best foot forward, B2B marketers must first create the type of content that resonates with and provides value to their customer. Creating a white paper expounding the benefits of your product no longer cuts it. When consuming B2B content, customers want value, expect it consistently and want to  be able to access it easily and anytime.

More from the study below:

b2b-content-infographic-cmo-council-2013(Photo from Flickr)