NewBay Industry Innovator Awards


Recipients will be announced soon. Also watch this page for next year’s nominations.


Do You Know an Innovator? Salute Them!
Nominate a deserving colleague, client, customer or even yourself to receive the NewBay Industry Innovator Award!

Welcome to the NewBay Industry Innovator Awards, launched in 2017 to help you recognize people who are doing outstanding work in your field.

You know someone who innovates in TV/video technology, radio/audio technology, content production/delivery and government video, but whose role deserves more appreciation — perhaps a director of engineering, a manufacturer’s product designer, a consultant or technical researcher. … He or she could be a videographer, a producer, an editor or filmmaker … a mover and shaker, a thought leader or influencer, trend setter, technical wizard or rainmaker… it could be just about anyone. It could be YOU.

It’s someone you know who makes a difference and deserves to be heralded. Here’s your chance to shine a spotlight on such innovators.

Nominations are accepted by each publication in the Broadcast/Video Group of NewBay Media including TV Technology, Radio World, Digital Video, Radio magazine, Video Edge and Government Video. Each publication will choose recipients from among the nominees. Anyone may nominate one or more people, for one or more publication awards, by filling out the form below and paying the entry fee.

Winners will be featured in the publications and receive a handsome award. Additionally, all nominees are saluted in a special Innovators’ Gallery publication. So whether they are chosen or not, your colleague will know how you feel because they will be honored publicly for their work and be included among other outstanding industry innovators.

Due date and entry fee information are listed below.


What is the NewBay Industry Innovator Award?
It’s an annual program to recognize and honor people who make a difference in TV/video technology, radio/audio technology, content production/delivery and government video. Anyone may nominate anyone.

Whom does it honor?
People who innovate in the fields of video, TV, radio or audio technology.

Who may nominate?
Anyone. We welcome nominations from broadcasters, streamers, manufacturers, researchers, educators and anyone else working in the fields described above.

Whom may I nominate?
Anyone whom you think deserves recognition.

May I nominate myself?

Who picks the winners?
Recipients will be chosen by a panel of editors and professional advisors from the respective fields, based on the information provided in the nomination and any other available public information.

When are nominations due?
Sept. 15, 2017

What does it cost?
The nomination fee is $495 per person nominated, for consideration by your chosen NewBay magazine. You may submit a person for multiple magazines at $495 each.

How do I increase the nomination’s chances?
Our form will prompt you to explain in 500 words or less what makes this person’s contributions so special. Remember, what you write will appear in the Innovator’s Gallery e-book later this year and be seen by the public.

What if I wish my nominee to be considered by multiple publications?
Just nominate him or her for each by checking the appropriate box(es) on the form; so for example, if you wish to nominate Terry Smith for consideration by two magazines, the nomination price is $990 ($495 x 2). The entry form will guide you.

How do I nominate someone?
Fill out the form via the link below and submit it with the prepaid nomination fee.(Nominations are now closed.)

When are the honorees announced?
Recipients will be announced around the end of September. All nominees and winners will be featured in the Innovators’ Gallery e-publication deployed to thousands of our publication readers in the fall.

What do the winners receive?
Winners receive an award for display, and are reported in the newsletters, websites, print publications and social media of NewBay Media publications TV Technology, Radio World, Digital Video, Government Video, Video Edge and Radio magazine.

What do non-winners receive?
All nominees are featured in the special Innovators’ Gallery, to be distributed in digital edition form to thousands of readers of those publications after the convention. Even non-recipients are winners, because your nomination text and their photo will appear as a mark of the esteem with which they are held in the industry.

Is the nomination confidential?
Yes until it is published as part of the Innovators’ Gallery.

How can I maximize our chances of selection? How can my nominee get the most exposure from our page in the Innovators’ Gallery?
Remember that the text and image you provide will be seen by the judges and also published in the Innovator’s Gallery. Fill out the nomination text thoughtfully and with as much detail as possible.

What if I have a question about the form?
Email Paul McLane at