New Trade Mag For Mobile Industry

The first business publication dedicated to the fast-growing mobile content sector is launched on Wednesday March 2nd 2005.

Mobile Entertainment will be published monthly, covering games, music, video, lifestyle and adult. It will be distributed to retailers, hardware manufacturers, network operators, IP owners, aggregators, developers, media and financial institutions, with a significant international reach from day one.

The mobile content sector has huge revenue-generating potential, with analysts projecting its worth at up to $50 billion by 2009. Meanwhile, the marketing community is just beginning to explore the promotional possibilities of mobile video, graphics and music.

Longtime Screen Digest contributor Tim Green is executive editor of Mobile Entertainment, whilst Stuart O’Brien moved from telecoms newsletter specialist the Informa Group to become editor.

Issue one will hit the desks of over 10,000 business readers, with an additional 27,000 one-off insertion through a selection of other business titles. The launch, which includes an advertising campaign in Media Week and Marketing, takes Intent Media’s magazine portfolio to five – the others being MCV: The Market for Home Computing & Video Games, Develop, PC Retail and ToyNews.

"The launch of Mobile Entertainment further underlines Intent Media’s emergence as an independent business publisher specialising in entertainment and technology markets. We are now heading into a fast-growing sector that has been in need of its own trade publication for some time," said Intent Media’s managing director Stuart Dinsey.

"Mobile Entertainment will help anyone with an interest in the entertainment part of the mobile industry talk to each other and learn from each other. It will be valuable to everyone from new media managers working with global brands to the smallest local content developers."

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