New look for ME website

In six years, ME has become the number one destination for the mobile content executive in search of news, analysis and opinion.

But there’s always room for improvement – especially when the web is changing so fast.

So the new ME website has been built to give you all the content you already love, packaged in a form conducive to our web-centric, socially-networked age.

We’re even adding new premium content in the form of affordable industry reports, plus rich new options for advertisers.

It’s all part of our goal to keep ME as the number one information source for our industry across as many channels as possible. Don’t forget we also have an ME app for the iPhone, with apps for Android and Nokia devices imminent.

Here’s how we’ve improved the ME site:

* Navigation

The focal point of the site itself is the Home Stream, which channels all the content uploaded to the site, whether it’s news, opinion, interviews, events, jobs or reports. We realised you’re more interested in what the story is about than its format.

* Customisation

One of our key objectives with the new site has been to put you in control. There’s a new account management area where you can manage all your preferences to build an ME website tailored just for you.

* Debate

Got something to say? We’ve revamped the comments system underneath articles. You also now have to be registered with the site to post a comment (this helps ensure the trade-only nature of the site) and you can even choose to ‘follow’ comment threads so you never miss the debate.

* Social networking

ME is already well-established on Twitter, Linked In and Facebook. But with the new site you now have the ability to share articles you like across your own accounts, direct from the page.

* ME reports

ME has been covering the mobile content business for six years, day in day out, so to extend our repertoire of services to include market data is a natural progression. And we’re making them affordable enough to go on your expenses. Click here for more info.

* Directory service

As part of ME’s drive to maintain its position as the premier destination for mobile content info, we’re improving our industry directory. From now on, everyone registering with the site can give their company a basic listing, with a paid-for premium option allowing you to add in a full company profile and extensive contact details (including social network accounts) for either a one, six or 12 month period.

* Jobs

Historically, the Jobs Board has been one of the busiest parts of the ME website, so we’ll be rolling out some significant updates that will enable you to post and manage your vacancies, in addition to submitting applications, with minimum fuss.

* Daily Digest and Newsflash services

Tens of thousands of content execs depend on ME’s afternoon email news round-up and as-it-happens newsflashes. We’ve tweaked these services too. More details to come soon.

For a full breakdown of our latest online statistics ­ and to find out how ME can support your business year-round ­ through its online, email, mobile, app and social channels, contact Katy Grant on +44 (0)1992 535 647.