MIRC 2013: MI dealers flock to new venue

It was standing room only during the morning conference as the full room of dealers listened to presentations by retail experts from varying backgrounds.

Musicroom operations manager, Andrew Nixon, was in attendance with several other colleagues who all agreed that both the conference and the expo were improvements on past years.

“I thought the speakers were a nice mix of both external and industry,” commented Andrew. “Colin Rees had a lot of really useful tips for this industry. You wouldn’t think of it necessarily but the bike and MI industries are so similar.”

“There are parallels in getting families involved as well. Just like every kid learns to ride a bicycle, every child tries to learn an instrument.”

Musicroom purchasing director Kate Herd added: “The very first MIRC conference I went to was very much about burying heads in the sand, panicing and how Amazon was the devil, but this year’s was more about ideas and where the industry’s going.”

After the morning conference, the afternoon expo featured 26 manufacturers and distributors representing nearly 150 brands.

The overwhelming consensus was that the new venue in Whittlebury Hall, Northamptonshire, gave dealers a more engaging experience and the chance to get more facetime with exisiting and potentially new manufacturers and distributors.

“Last year people would walk around quickly and then go, but this year there’s a lot more engagement,” said Alan Barclay from Absolute Music. “It’s well organized and I’m struggling to get around to see everyone! I think it’s much better this way. London versus Whittlebury Hall – this is definitely a better choice.”

For more information about MIRC 2013 or next week’s event, contact Lisa.Carter@intentmedia.co.uk or call +44 (0)1992 535 646.