Making the Most of Video in B2B

By: Kristin Kovacich –

The vast amount of content on the web complicates things for B2B marketers who are competing not only with others in their industry but also cute cat videos for the eyeballs of their customers. To make matters worse, attention spans are shortening and there’s an urgent need to communicate information in an easily digestible way. Video lends itself very well to this objective and Google’s study on Tech B2B customer engagement showed that one-third of tech B2B customers purchased the product online after watching the video. Videos are a great way to engage, inform and possibly even entertain your customers in a visually compelling way that may not be achieved in a white paper, case study or fact sheet. Here are some ideas of the types of the videos that can be integrated into today’s B2B marketer’s content playbook.

1. Customer Testimonial. According to Google’s Tech B2B survey, 60% of B2B customers searched for reviews from their peers while conducting research on their potential purchase. An interview of a customer who is happy with your solution goes a long way to earning the trust of a potential buyer, much further than a written testimonial on a website. Tip: Search social channels for positive feedback; if a customer has posted about your product without prompting they will likely be eager to serve as a voluntary brand ambassador.

2. Case Study. Many marketers include case study pdfs in their marketing material but showing AND telling will resonate more with the buyer. If possible, use video from before and during the implementation of your product. Seeing the positive impact your solution had and/or the challenge your solution helped overcome will give credence to the real world effectiveness of your product.

3. Product Video. A product video is a good way to showcase the standout features of your product. What makes your solution better or different than your competitors? Focus on that and let your potential buyer see it in action.

4. Expert Series. What are some questions or concerns the buyers in your industry might have? Have a expert from your team address them, without outright schilling for your product. This establishes both trust and your company as an expert in your field. Extra points if you are able to able to drop a truth bomb. Upending an existing belief that is actually false, establishes you not only as an expert but a visionary.

5. Thought Leader Interviews. Interview established thought leaders about a pressing or trending matter in your industry. When customers are looking to make a purchase they want the best and most cutting edge product. The thought leader video interviews will go a long way toward elevating or maintaining the status of your business within your market.

Other video ideas: Webinars with video, Company Culture/Employee videos