How to Get Your Content to Do the Selling

By: Kristin Kovacich –

We create content to establish our brands as experts and thought leaders by providing answers to industry related questions and addressing topics that the people who are interested in your product care about. This establishes trust and keeps your brand top of mind when your potential customers think about your industry. This is a very important aspect of content creation but what about the bottom line? How do we get our content to move our customer along the purchase process and ultimately help make a sale?

Doug Kessler, Creative Director & Co-founder of B2B marketing agency Velocity, has put together a SlideShare presentation that lays out the unique content creation considerations for making the sale.

Kessler posits that the most important characteristic of successful content at the buying stage is that it convinces the customer that there has been a real and significant change in the world. The content must exemplify this change through data, 3rd party analysis and a reason for the change; and it also must show the change is relevant and inevitable to the customer and if they are not ready for it they will fall behind their competitors.

Below are the 6 characteristics Kessler lays out for creating content that sells change:

1. It’s direct and assertive. There’s no pussy-footing when it comes to content that sells.

2. It starts from what the prospect already knows. Don’t try to convince them the sky is green at the offset. You want to convince them change is nigh but you don’t want them to be completely disoriented.

3. It’s linear. Don’t take them all over the place when laying out your argument. Keep it focused and keep it moving.

4. It’s data-driven. Facts go a long way toward building credibility but don’t rely too heavily on them. Let your data do the supporting not the heavy lifting.

5. It asks for the order. Convincing the prospect of a coming change that’s going to rock their world is the hardest part but don’t forget the reason why you’re there.

6. It makes now seem like the ideal time to act. Because tomorrow will be too late and catching up will be costly.

It’s important to remember that not all content is created equally and knowing what we want out of it and how to get it helps ensure it is effective.\

Photo from Flickr