Advertising in Print and Online

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NewBay Media offers a wide array of publications and web-based advertising opportunities for advertisers and business partners. Our mission is to serve our partners needs in the most efficient and effective manner possible. We understand your need to generate a ROI on your advertising investment and continually work to increase and improve the benefits of our advertising offerings. Please discuss creative solutions to your advertising needs with your NewBay sales representative, including the following opportunities to increase your brand’s reach and improve your advertising ROI:

  • Increased frequency discounts through multi-brand/media purchases
  • Leveraging web advertising to reach new/unique audiences from that of our print publications
  • Using targeted email blasts to instantly reach and build awareness – very helpful with new product announcements
  • Leverage NewBay’s international reach to take your product and services into new markets
  • Enhance your advertising with video, audio and embedded animation online and through NewBay’s unique email newsletters, websites and digital editions

NewBay Media’s View on the Importance of Media Mix

We believe that a mix of media types will help advertisers increase their overall reach and increase their ROI on advertising investment. Working with our clients, we have seen how leveraging print, online, custom publishing, events and direct email / mail efforts can be very effective. Our Media Services slide helps illustrate the relative strengths of print, online, in person and direct efforts. Different media leads to different results. Please contact a NewBay sales representative to learn more about how to leverage our different media options to generate improved ROI and reach.

NewBay Media’s View on the Importance of Print and Web Advertising

The efficiency of advertising in both print and online supports all of your other marketing efforts, including direct mail, expos and telephone and field sales operations. Our Return On Investment slide helps illustrate this – specifically, the breadth of reach and the low cost (under $100 CPM) of advertising helps brand, promote and build awareness so when a potential client sees your direct mail piece or receives a phone call from a rep, they are significantly more likely to engage.

Additional Online Capabilities

NewBay Media’s electronic offerings go beyond straight advertising, with our team constantly developing new ways of reaching our influential audience. From streaming video and podcasts to webinars and event text messaging, NewBay Media can effectively deliver your message to those who need it most. Recently created customized online efforts include:

  •  Sponsored online events, including video-based webinars and virtual conferences/expos
  •  Branded micro sites/landing pages for target markets
  •  Custom E-blasts
  •  Custom blogs
  •  Web surveys/research
  •  E- books
  •  Music Player TV

Media Kit Information / Rate Cards / Publishing Schedules
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